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At German Line Motosports, Who we are, How we succeed, and What we believe is specializing in the automotive industry by offering only exceptional quality of service. With our up to date diagnostic equipment and continual upgrading on training and technology, rest assure that your vehicle will be suitably cared for.

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My Story

It starts with an Impossible Idea, an Insightful Observation, and a Surprising Business Opportunity

Twenty years ago, I attended the German Automotive Academy (Jagas) in Kingston, Jamaica. Prior I was introduced and developed my passion for German cars. Having an opportunity to relocate to the United States, I was able to invest my talents and abilities by working for BMW North America for 11 years. By becoming dealer certified trained, it taught me how to be professional, excel in customer service, diagnose each BMW vehicles efficiently, and build on my skills that was developed over a decade ago.

It’s a Connection to do Business Responsibly.

Everyday I go to work setting out to accomplish three things: Apply the same training and knowledge to ensure your vehicle is fixed right the first time, provide the highest quality of service, and to ensure to provide a budget friendly cost compared to the dealership.

Our objective is to be recognized as the company that maintains trust and integrity with our customers and provides the up most satisfaction on what we do. By having this clear belief in our vision, achieving the highest quality with your BMW repairs is easily attainable.

I look forward to working with you, call me to make your appointment.


Chad Gordon

(CEO & Service Director)

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